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Translation services by TranslateXpress - Quality Translations by Certified Translators
Quality Translations by Certified Translators


Your Certified Translations Specialist

Areas of Specialization | | Methods of Document Submission - Translation Process | |Turnaround Time  

We provide Certified Translations for the following documents:
 Immigration / USCIS    Personal documents   Legal
- Adoption Records - Birth Certificates - Affidavits 
- Academic Records - Death Certificates - Antitrust
- Affidavits - Divorce documents - Bankruptcies
- Apostilles - Driver's Licenses  - Contracts 
- Business Records - Marriage Certificates - Child Custody
- Criminal Records - Medical Records - Corporate
- Corporate Documents - Naturalization documents - Divorce
- Driver Records - Police Records - Employment
- Employment Records     - Family
- Immunization Records   Academic records - FCPA (Anti-Bribery/Corruption)
- Legal Documents - Diplomas - Immigration
- Passports - School Certificates - Intellectual Property
- Police Clearances - School Records - Mergers & Acquisitions
- Tax Returns - Transcripts - Power Of Attorney 
- Visas - Patents
    Business - Paternity
  - Business records - Single States Affidavit
  - Financial Statements  
  - Bank Statements  

Methods of Document Submission - 3 Steps Translation Process:

Step 1: Submit your documents online, by email or fax. 

Step 2: Our experienced translators who are proficient in the source language and are native speakers of the corresponding target language will ensure the highest quality translations through our TEP (Translation, Editing, Proofreading) process.  

Step 3:  We deliver your certified translation via email or mail (regular or express)

Turnaround Time

Most documents are ready within 48 hours.

*24 hour RUSH delivery upon request! - Nationwide Service

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