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Translation Process - The 7 steps approach


Translation manager analyzes source files, allocates translators, then a phase for terminological research, glossary creation and memories check is started by a senior linguist.


Translation process starts with our qualified team. This phase involves checking translation and terminology management. Memories are updated and consistency between team members is assured.


A careful revision is undertaken to ensure correct understanding of the project data, source language and content. A thorough process of terminology verification is undertaken.  Editing is done by comparing both source and target languages.


Translation is proofread and reviewed by our experienced specialists. Spelling, grammar and syntax check is a key step in our work. To make sure that every phase in the project is executed properly, all team members must fill in a completion checklist.


DTP (Desktop Publishing)/Layout

Whether we receive flyers, brochures, user guides or manuals for translation, our skilled team of Desktop Publishers/Layout Specialists will use the most cutting-edge DTP/layout tools to return them to you in the same format as the original.


Project Manager acts as a single point of contact. He is your connection to our company, keeping you up to date on a regular basis and resolving any problems and queries.

Internally, he serves as the information interface between all parties involved in the project, and coordinates between them.

Post Project

Project Manager leads a thorough post-project analysis in participation with all team members involved. Everything that will increase the efficiency of future projects will be noted so we can continually provide you with a better service as our partnership develops. Finally, proper archiving procedures according to company methodology are implemented.


Completed translations will be delivered to you via one of the following methods:

Email, FTP, CD, DVD, fax, mail or as otherwise agreed.

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